IN CONSIDERATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF MY USE OF THIS SERVICE with Tennis Troupe, I, intending to be legally bound, do hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, parents or guardians: (i) waive and release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damage which I may have or may hereafter accrue to me against Tennis Troupe, Tennis British Columbia, Tennis Canada, any Member Club or their respective officers, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers and/or assigns for any damages which may arise out of my travelling to or participating in and returning from any tennis match, function or event; (ii) consent and grant permission to Tennis Troupe to provide my personal and identifiable information to Tennis British Columbia and Tennis Canada for administration of the national membership system and other Tennis British Columbia or Tennis Canada managed programs; (iii) consent and grant permission in perpetuity and for any and all purposes to Tennis Troupe, Tennis British Columbia and Tennis Canada, the organizers of competitive tennis matches and the tournament(s) or its or their respective officers, agents, representatives employees, volunteers and/or assigns to use (without, for greater certainty, any further consent or fee being required) any photograph, videotape or other electronic recording device of my image taken, filmed or recorded during, or in connection with my participation in any Tennis British Columbia match, function or event, for any promotional, news or other purpose and (iv) Tennis Troupe, Tennis British Columbia or Tennis Canada may use contact information collected from me including my name, email address, address, date of birth and telephone number for the purpose of providing me with information relating to activities, events, news or Tennis British Columbia approved 3rd party offers. I may choose to opt out of this approval at anytime and am in no way obligated to receive this information in order to participate in any event, service or undertaking provided by Tennis Troupe, Tennis British Columbia or Tennis Canada in which I am entitled to participate. Furthermore, I agree that I have read and accept the provisions, where applicable, to the Tennis Troupe Privacy Policy and Data Use and Collection guidelines as posted on Tennis Troupe Privacy Policy.