Tennis Troupe Men’s League Teams

The 2023 Tennis BC men’s spring league season sees the Tumblers our B3 division team returning and is joined our new B2 division team the Trojans.

Tennis BC Men’s City League. Home matches are hosted at North Vancouver Tennis Center (NVTC), 280 Lloyd Ave., North Vancouver.

The 2023 spring practice/training has begun as we prepare to compete from April 2 through to the end of June. To join either team or for more information, email us.

Team Emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Comment Questions, Requirements, and Information

1. How is the roster decided for matches?
We have a lot of players that want to participate and we are grateful for the enthusiasm. However, we cannot play every single person every single match, at most we can only field 7 of us at a time (1 singles, and 3 doubles pair). We will do our best to ensure equal number of matches.
Priority for play will be decided based on the following criteria in order of importance:
  1. availability – we will do our best to inform everyone well in advance as to when match days are, those that respond promptly will be given priority to play
  2. showing up to practice – if more than 7 players are available for the match day, then those that put in effort to show up to practice will be given priority to play.
  3. skill level – if everything else is equal (prompt replies, availability, and does show up to practice), we will base it on the skill level of the players to decide who will be given priority to play.
  4. no one is available – we will then ask for subs from the Tumblers to sub up (a player can sub up a maximum of 2 times before they need to join the Trojans instead).
2. What if practice times do not match my schedule?
We will do our best to space out practice times so that it can cover the majority of people (time and location wise). However, please keep in mind that NONE of us are being paid to run practice. We all have other commitments, so please be understanding if whoever runs practice cannot accommodate you.
Maybe if there is no practice time which fits your schedule, you may opt to volunteer to run practice in a time/location which better suits you.
3. How are costs decided?
Home/Away Match Ties: approximately $30 including four courts @ NVTC for two hours, tennis balls, food & beverages.
4. I really want to play but I cannot commit to practice like everyone else.
We as a team, have decided that as much as we love to win and advance, it is in the spirit of Tennis Troupe to reward those that do put in the effort to come to practice.
If you cannot make most of the practices, then we will most likely call upon you when the other players are not available (Again this happens a lot as EVERYONE is usually busy/schedules shift last minute).
5. How is skill level assessed?
We use a combination of things to assess skill level. A couple of methods that we will be using are: entries into NTRP tournaments (what level you compete at and how far you make it in the tournament), ladder system in practice, etc. If you have any other suggestions please let us know and we can discuss it. We want to keep it as fair as possible.
6. I only want to play with one specific partner.
Let the captain or vice captain know if you have any kind of partner preference in private and we will take it into consideration. This may affect which doubles court we place your team on (court 1 needs to be the strongest pair and court 3 the weaker pair), but we will do our best to accommodate reasonable suggestions.
7. I disagree with decision that the captain or vice-captain made.
Please address the issue in an email to the trojans email ([email protected]) and we can have a discussion about the issue with all parties involved. We are all human, and we all make mistakes which can learn from.
Requirement’s & Important Information
Season runs from April 1, to June 30, 2023

Tennis BC mandatory requirements of league players. 

Players must be current members of the club they represent on or before April 1, 2023)


  • Join Tennis Troupe @ (choose between a quarterly or annual membership. Please note plans to offer a yearly Tennis BC Tournament Membership to TT annual members are still in the works. We hope to have a final answer before April 1)

Players must have a Tennis BC Tournaments Membership OR a Tennis BC League Player license on or before April 1, 2023)


  • Join Tennis BC @ (Tournament Membership permits you to compete in all NTRP Tennis Canada tournaments VS a  League Player license which allows you to compete ONLY in the spring league only. More information via the link.


What is
  • Tennis Scores is the league’s team player management software.
  • Schedule request will be sent using software.
  • Find information about your team, division, players, scores, results, scheduling, etc.
  • Bookmark the link for future reference.

Home/Away Match Ties

  • Trojans play (4) away and (4) home team matches in the B2 division.
  • Each team match comprises (1) singles match & (3) doubles matches.
  • The match format is best of 3 tie-break sets. If teams split sets and there is 1⁄2 an hour or less playing time available, a deciding match tie-break will be played in place of a 3rd set (first to 10 points, having won by two).
  • On occasion players on the our B3-Red Tumblers may sub up for the B2 Trojans, but only as needed.

Players, Spares, Non-Members

  • Players may not play for two clubs.
  • Players may only be listed on one original team roster (must be added to other rosters if spare).
  • Players may spare once for more than one team at the club in the same division, but the second time they are added to the team roster.
  • Players cannot play down and may “spare up” only twice. 
  • If a player “plays up” three or more times, they must remain on the higher team roster.
  • Non-member spares can play once only and need to be indicated as such on the score sheet.

Player Availability 

  • Player availability requests will be sent to each player directly from
  • We will send the request once the league directors have finalized home/away matches. 
  • Once you receive the request, please check your schedules and input your YES, NO, or UNSURE for the entire season. 
  • You can change your answers at any time should your schedule change. 

Player Courtesies

  • Many clubs do not permit cell phone usage within the club; have restrictions on parking or club access, or dress code requirements. Please ensure that team members abide by all club rules.
  • Players must be on time and ready to begin at the stated match time.
  • Warm-ups are limited to not more than 7 minutes. 
  • Players are reminded that warm-up is for the benefit of all players and that the ball should be hit to the opponent with a moderate pace. 
  • Warm-up is also not the time to practice one’s service return – serves should be caught and served back.
If there are any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
See ya on the courts!

2022 Season:

The 2o22 season saw the Tumblers advance to the provincial finals as the lucky losers, finishing just 4 points behind the 1st place Arbutus team.  The Tennis BC spring league provincial finals were sponsored by National Bank and hosted by the Salmon Arm Tennis Club in Salmon Arm, BC.  archived results here.


2021 Season: Cancelled

COVID-19 continues to threaten the safety of players, and the men’s league Directors cancelled the 2021 Men’s League season.

Please stay safe, healthy, happy, and in good shape. The 2022 season and league tennis matches are just around the corner.

More info here.

2020 Season: Cancelled

COVID-19 continues to threaten the safety of players, and the men’s league Directors cancelled the 2020 Men’s League season.

Please stay safe, healthy, happy and in good shape. The 2022 season and league tennis matches are just around the corner.

More info here.

2019 Season: Roster & Schedule

Tennis Troupe Tumblers’ inaugural 2019 season saw the team compete in the B3 Division, and the dedicated team succeeded in their goal of remaining in the B3 division. Well done, Tumblers!

Detailed 2019 Roster here.

Detailed 2019 Schedule here.


what people say about us

Joining Tennis Troupe back in 2016 was by far the best decision. Although I was new to the tennis scene, meeting Michail and Korina, the brilliant minds behind Tennis Troupe, made a huge difference. This community has not only improved my tennis skills but has also given me a sense of belonging. The friendships I have formed here are invaluable, and I am certain they will last a lifetime. Michail and Korina have a way of attracting exactly the kind of people I want to be around - a healthy, supportive community.  Being part of Tennis Troupe has lifted me up and helped me become a better version of myself. I have even taken on leadership roles, and one of my fondest memories is participating in the year-end tournament at our home court, the North Vancouver Tennis Centre. Being part of this community, making friends, and having Michail and Korina as friends is what tennis is all about. It is more than just a game; it is about the people and the community we create together.  I am excited about what Tennis Troupe has in store for the future!

Lien LePlayer, Volunteer, Champion
A beautiful event, well organized, and so much fun! Such positive and friendly people and vibes. Thank you for organizing this event, and wow!…raising $10,000 towards the cause is truly a highlight!! Congrats!!  - Steph
Ps. I still can’t believe I won the tennis racket at the end of the night!! I’m super stoked to try it out real soon - as I am in need of a new racket anyhow!!  #feelinglucky  #feelinggrateful
Stephanie Leung Player
Mental health is close to my heart because my mom has had a lifelong struggle with depression. Friday, the day of the event, I was feeling down myself, so this event really warmed my heart. It’s so important to have each other to lean on. Especially when it’s dark, cold & rainy, you can feel very alone. It’s events like this that make tennis more than a sport but a community. (Tennis Troupe 2022 CMHA Charity Tournament)
Tara Dowling-SchaferPlayer
club membership


Mixed-up Doubles Tennis means a mixed couple team can play a ladies’ double or men’s doubles team. The combined ranking of teams determines their opponents, not their gender.

Please click here for details on joining