Volunteering Opportunities

Tennis Troupe’s mission is to inspire doubles teams to play competitive, friendly ranking point matches throughout tennis communities in British Columbia. Canada. We can not deliver our mission without the tremendous support of volunteers.   Please help and volunteer for a variety to tournaments and events such as our weekly ranking point matches, Administrative Challenges, Direct Challenges, General Challenges and Tennis Troupe’s 4th Annual Year-end Tournament December 2019.

Email us at [email protected]

General “Open” Challenges

Take part in a local tennis ranking point matches. we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to experience the event action. Volunteers receive a Tennis Troupe t-shirt and bag. Volunteer certificates are also provided.

Sign up to volunteer  here. when there are specific events scheduled otherwise send an email below and we will get back to you.

Email us at: [email protected]

Safe & Respectful Workplace

We are proud to serve as an embodiment of a safe and respectful workplace. Our commitment to all the highlights at Tennis Troupe allows us to provide Respect in Sport and Respect in the Workplace. Coaches and members who breach the code of conduct are clearly outlined in disciplinary procedures.
Here, we follow the initiative that provides education and information on best practices. Let’s be into it together!


what people say about us

Joining Tennis Troupe back in 2016 was by far the best decision. Although I was new to the tennis scene, meeting Michail and Korina, the brilliant minds behind Tennis Troupe, made a huge difference. This community has not only improved my tennis skills but has also given me a sense of belonging. The friendships I have formed here are invaluable, and I am certain they will last a lifetime. Michail and Korina have a way of attracting exactly the kind of people I want to be around - a healthy, supportive community.  Being part of Tennis Troupe has lifted me up and helped me become a better version of myself. I have even taken on leadership roles, and one of my fondest memories is participating in the year-end tournament at our home court, the North Vancouver Tennis Centre. Being part of this community, making friends, and having Michail and Korina as friends is what tennis is all about. It is more than just a game; it is about the people and the community we create together.  I am excited about what Tennis Troupe has in store for the future!

Lien LePlayer, Volunteer, Champion
A beautiful event, well organized, and so much fun! Such positive and friendly people and vibes. Thank you for organizing this event, and wow!…raising $10,000 towards the cause is truly a highlight!! Congrats!!  - Steph
Ps. I still can’t believe I won the tennis racket at the end of the night!! I’m super stoked to try it out real soon - as I am in need of a new racket anyhow!!  #feelinglucky  #feelinggrateful
Stephanie Leung Player
Mental health is close to my heart because my mom has had a lifelong struggle with depression. Friday, the day of the event, I was feeling down myself, so this event really warmed my heart. It’s so important to have each other to lean on. Especially when it’s dark, cold & rainy, you can feel very alone. It’s events like this that make tennis more than a sport but a community. (Tennis Troupe 2022 CMHA Charity Tournament)
Tara Dowling-SchaferPlayer
club membership


Mixed-up Doubles Tennis means a mixed couple team can play a ladies’ double or men’s doubles team. The combined ranking of teams determines their opponents, not their gender.

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